Technology Stars of the Future 2018 Selection Exam



➢ Primary school: 4th Grade

Middle school: 5th and 8th Grades

High school: Prep Classes and 9th Grade




11 May 2018   : Final Exam Applications
22 May 2018   : Exam Date
28 May 2018   :Exam Results
8 June 2018   :Project Implementation and Evaluation
25 June 2018 :Final Results
2 July 2018 : Beginning of Trainings
*Changes to the program are subject to the decisions of the T3 Foundation Board of Directions.


Technology Stars of the Future Program is divided into two as 13 months training and 13 months team building and preparation for international competitions.
Students during the training for 18 months take these trainings:
1. Robotic and Coding
2. Electronics and Programming
3. Cyber Security
4. Internet of Objects
5. Production and Design
6. Aviation and Aerospace
7. Artificial Intelligence
8. Mobile Application
9. Nanotechnology
10. Energy Technologies

During the 18 month training period, students are expected to discover themselves and identify areas of interest.
At the end of the courses, they strengthen the project-based and inquiry-based trainings with the projects they produce as a team.
In the 18 months team and competition coaching, they come to the phase of deep learning and preparation to competitions in the field they chose by taking their interests and skills into consideration.


It consists of 3 sections as Fall, Spring and Summer.
During the Fall and Spring semesters, the students receive trainings for 4-5 hours by coming to the relevant workshops one day a week.
During the summer term, students receive training for 16 hours by coming to the relevant workshops two days a week.


National Teams of Technology 2018 Support Program


Turkey Technology Team Foundation provides various supports to teams that aims to specialize in specific areas and develops projects every year.


In this context, aim of the National Technology Teams Support Programs is to help young people who have material business ideas and works in technology areas but who need physical and technical supports to advance these ideas and move on to the next stage by realizing their projects and participating in national and international competitions.


Project teams under this program are provided with materials, transportation, accommodation, technical consulting, infrastructure use, achievement awards and work environment support.


To project teams within this program, materials, transportation, accommodation, technical consulting, infrastructure use, achievement award and work environment supports are provided.


It is expected from the members of project teams and working groups who benefit from any material and technical support to become volunteers of Turkey Technology Team Foundation, support educations and programs for secondary school and high school students of Turkey Technology Team Foundation, indicate Turkey Technology Team as one of their sponsors and use the Foundation’s logo in the competitions they participate in.


Any material and technical support to project teams benefiting from and the members of the working group, Turkey Technology Team Foundation to volunteer, Turkey Technology Team Foundation secondary schools and to support training and programs for high school students, to indicate one of the sponsors of Turkey Technology Team and they are expected to use the Foundation's logos in the competitions they attended / in their work.


Within the scope of the Support Program, supports are provided for the project teams which prepare for the following competitions:







TÜBİTAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle


TÜBITAK Alternative Energized Vehicles Contest




ICRA Robotic Challenge


FIRA (Federation of International RobotSoccer Association)


Darpa Robotic Challenge


Darpa Grand Challenge


Mars Rover Challange


European Land Robot Trial


Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge-Europe (SAUC-E)


American AIAA Design/Build/Fly


Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition


Wind Energy Contest


International METU Robotics Days




APSCO (Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization) Cansat Competition


TÜRKSAT Satellite Model Competition

Formula SAE Contest


AUVSI SUAS (Student Unmanned Air Systems)


Gebze Technical University Kelebek Robotics Olympics


TEKNOFEST İstanbul Aerospace and Technology Festival



High Technology National Initiatives


Turkey Technology Team Foundation started High Technology National Initiatives Call Program with the aim of supporting young people, scientists and entrepreneurs who develop technology in the areas they need until they transform their ideas into added-value product/service. We aim to support technology initiatives in line of transforming Turkey’s economy into an economy which produces technology with a high added-value with T3 Initiative Center which will be come into operation by October 2017.


With initiative projects, it is aimed:


- Developing products which have high added-value in technology as national and original,

- Forming a spark in areas with paradigm shift in technological development,

- Owning the system/subsystem solutions that are important for strategic development from the design to the product phases through the original design skill,

- Ensuring that initiative projects are maintained in a maximum result-based way by carrying out sectoral needs in a systematic structure.


For detailed information and application: http://www.t3gm.org





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